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Approximately 60,000 Blazons (heraldic descriptions of coats of arms), in a searchable database. Surnames from Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales.

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There are approx. 60,000 records or blazons in the database. Many are as registered by the original bearer and the spelling he used at that time, which may be different from what is used today; so if you don’t find a name, try different variations. Eg: Chamberlain is a common spelling today, try Chamberlayn which was common then. When searching for "Mac" names, search also under "Mc" . When searching for "O" names, try Fitz as well. Irish and Scottish names should be searched without the prefix, if they do not show up in your first search. Note on Irish names: if you are searching for O’Crean (the prefix meaning "descendant of), try searching under OCREAN (without the apostrophe character), or simply CREAN. Conversely, when searching for DOHERTY, try O’DOHERTY or ODOHERTY. ...you get the idea. When the date and or country of registration is known, it is shown in the margin. This project took over 4 years to complete and we used 6 different transcribers. We proofed the database but there may be typographical errors. There were, in fact, errors in the actual manuscripts, and we have noted that registering Heralds, at times, differed in their descriptions. If you find an error, please copy the blazon and send it to us in an email. Your assistance in this regard, is appreciated.

You can submit as many blazons as you like, from any Country. Your name will be used as the Reference for the blazon. To submit a blazon simply click on "submit a blazon".


Blazoning may be regarded as the art of describing in appropriate terms the charges according to their several gestures, positions, and tinctures; a coat of arms blazon is the heraldic description of that coat of arms.

The Armorial Gold blazon site features blazons, in English, of coats of arms from Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales. The database of blazons is full searchable by surname and you can copy/paste a blazon should you need to. The blazon database was over 4 years in the making and the blazons were transcribed from original blazon manuscripts.

The main resources for these blazons include The Encyclopaedia Heraldica, 1828, by William Berry, who was the registering clerk for 15 years, for the College of Arms; Edmondson’s Heraldry (1780) and Burke’s General Armoury (1878). Armorial Gold Heraldry Services has added some blazons from its library, as well. The Blazons are as registered by the original bearer and the spelling used by that bearer.

If you have questions about the Blazon site or you need help finding a blazon please contact Armorial Gold by clicking on the home button.


1 - You may copy paste the blazon you need.

2 - You can post up to 6 blazons on an internet site however you must provide reference with a link to Armorial Gold Heraldry.

3 - You cannot share your password. It will result in immediate cancellation of your privileges without notice.

4 - Please control the time you are on the site. Bandwidth fees are expensive and we want to continue to provide this bonus service to Armorial Gold clients without fee-so let’s work together to continue to do that….

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